Burning Permits

Welcome to the Open Burning Permit Online Service

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is pleased to offer citizens the option to purchase annual open burning permits online. Permits obtained through this system are valid for the calendar year in which they are purchased, but must be activated each day burning occurs. The fee for this annual open burning permit is five dollars ($5.00).

After completing the application process and paying the five-dollar fee, you will be able to save an electronic copy and will be asked to print your permit at the end of the process. You must have the printed permit with you while conducting your burn.

Permits available on line are currently only offered for burning small piles of vegetative material or for burning areas less than one acre in size (about the size of a football field). If you wish to burn large piles or larger areas, you will need to contact a local forestry office.

Note: You may not conduct your burn until you have requested activation as instructed on your permit. You may activate on-line during your application process, or by calling 1-866-533-BURN(2876). Activation will only be possible if burning conditions are favorable to allow open burning; you will receive an activation code that you must write on your permit in the space provided.

What you will need before starting the application process:

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