Situation Report

Last Modified 07/30/2021 10:49

Statewide Planning Level: IV (A)

Regional Danger Ratings / Planning Levels

  Danger Rating Planning Level
Region 1 Very High IV (A)
Region 2 High IV (A)
Region 3 High IV (A)
Region 4 Moderate IV (A)

Duty Officer

Name: Tasha Woodwick
Contact: 218-327-4558

Minnesota DNR Statewide Situation Update


DNR Fire information:

YTD Fires - this year: 1116
YTD Acres - this year: 9,250
YTD Fires - last year: 754
YTD Acres - last year:  3,563
YTD Fires - 10-year average July 2011 through July 2020: 698
YTD Acres - 10-year average July 2011 through July 2020: 10,822


The ICS-209 form is available on the NWCG forms page.               


At Statewide Planning Level 4A, the Minnesota Interagency Coordination Center is staffing daily 0800-1630.   A Duty Officer is available after hours. The Operations and Aviation Desks are staffing 0800-1900 daily.

The Minnesota Interagency Coordination Center (MNCC) has a new phone tree system. There is a change to the way callers are greeted when calling our main number 218-327-4558.  With this new feature in place callers will be able to quickly access any of our dispatch desks by calling one number.

When calling, callers will be greeted with general MNCC information and the following options will be available.

Press 1 for Operations 
Press 2 for Aviation
Press 3 for Logistics
Press 4 for Intel
Press 5 for Public Information
Press 6 for the Center Manager
Press 7 for Resource Tracking
Press 9 to replay this message.

You may still call direct to each function if that is your preference

Prescribed Burns: 

To enter your planned prescribed burns.  The system will require your e-mail sign-in, user ID, and password.

Burning Restrictions:

DNR Campfire restrictions and counties added

To help ensure public safety and protect natural resources, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is expanding burning restrictions. Effective 12:01 a.m., July 27, Aitkin, Becker, Benton, Carlton, Clearwater, Mahnomen and Stearns counties are included in burning restrictions already in place for the eastern portion of Roseau County and all of Beltrami, Cass, Cook, Crow Wing, Hubbard, Itasca, Koochiching, Lake of the Woods, Lake, Morrison, St. Louis, Todd and Wadena counties.

Under the restrictions:

The DNR is also temporarily barring all recreational fires on DNR-managed lands in these additional counties: western portion of Roseau and all of Douglas, Kanabec, Kittson, Mille Lacs, Otter Tail, Pine and Pope Counties. These counties are not subject to the other restrictions on non-DNR lands listed above.

The burning restrictions will remain in effect until revised or terminated by the DNR commissioner when weather and environmental conditions indicate a significant reduction in fire danger. Tribal nations regulate open burning for their communities.

Campfire restrictions

Additional information is available here.

Burning Permits

All counties in Minnesota require burning permits.

Due to an Air Quality Alert all counties in Minnesota are enforcing burning restrictions today.  No open burning is allowed. Some areas only allow Agency approved permits. Campfires are allowed in some areas.

DNR COVID-19 Response

CDC's FAQs for Wildland Firefighters

Map of Burning Restrictions

Burning Permit information webpage listing counties requiring permits and enforcing restrictions at this time.

Weather Forecasts

Fire Weather Forecasts are available on the MN DNR Wildland fire information center 

NW Region  

Sunshine will give way to some scattered light showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening mainly north of Highway 2. A wetting rain is unlikely with most of the activity that does develop. Dry conditions are expected through the middle of next week. Winds shift to the southwest at 5 to 15 mph today, with localized gusts 20 to 25 mph during the afternoon in the northern valley and Devils Lake basin. Min RHs will be in the 30s and 40s.

NE Region 

Hazy, smoke filled skies are expected again today, with the smoke potentially reducing visibilities later today. Otherwise, high pressure will be nearby. A cold front is forecast to drop south out of Canada tonight, with showers and thunderstorms expected to develop along and ahead of the front. Good moisture will be lacking, and rainfall amounts will be limited as a result. Showers and a few thunderstorms are possible on Saturday from the Arrowhead into northwest Wisconsin. Rainfall amounts will be sparse.

Central & Southern Region 

Drier air remains across much of Minnesota and Wisconsin leading to min RH values in the 30s across parts of western and central Minnesota. Some scattered showers will keep min RH values in the 50s across southern Minnesota. There is no widespread rain in the forecast. Light southeast winds will turn southerly in the afternoon. Cooler temperatures will help moderate the RH values somewhat over the next few days.

Fire Behavior 

Entire Fire Behavior forecast is available here.

In case you are sensing smoke:  Fire and Smoke Map (

Weather Summary:

Air Quality Alert in effect until 1500 Friday 7/30/21.

Radar indicated precipitation is making its way across the southern 1/3rd of the state after a mostly dry 24hrs.

A ridge of high pressure over the state today should keep skies clear and hold potential precip to the south. Haze from smoke will limit the amount of solar radiation hitting the ground, but not to the extent it was yesterday.

Temps today hang in the low to mid 80s across most of the state with the SW and NE tending towards the lowest values.

Southwesterly winds range from 6 – 13 mph today.

RHs are forecast primarily into the 30s today with the NE and SW favoring some higher values. It would not be surprising to see some pockets of lower RH today following the pattern from yesterday.

Chances for light precip increase overnight and should be mostly cleared up by morning.

Haines Index: 5

General Fire Behavior: 

Fire behavior predictions stay the same as yesterday while increased drying on the landscape brings the area affected up as more fuel beds become receptive.

Forecasted increases across the board in FFMCs indicates more areas with increasingly receptive fuel beds. Temperature and RH inputs to probability of ignition produce moderate values suggesting that fire occurrence is likely to increase slightly but not dramatically today.

Potential for deep burning and persistent fires is very likely in many locations where fires do occur as DC values push 500+ across many locations, especially in the NW.

Fine Dead Fuel Moisture: 5% Unshaded – 8% Shaded

Prob. of Ignition: 70% Unshaded – 40% Shaded

SPECIFIC:  Western MN 

FFMC: 90  BUI: 80 Wind speeds: 12

Flame Length Rate of Spread
(ft/min ≈ ch/hr)
Fire Type 60 Minute Spread
Size (acres)
Grass (70% cured – 3 tons/acre) 10-11 40-45 Surface 30
 Lowland Grass (70% cured – 5 tons/acre) 12-13 40-45 Surface 30
Young Jack Pine 110% LFM & Boreal Spruce 24-25 50-55 Crowning 68
Pine Plantation & Mature Jack Pine 15-16 20-25 Torching 6
Mixed Wood (25% fir) and red and white pine timber 9-10 13-15 Surface 5
Hardwood/Aspen 3-4 less than 5 Surface less than 1


Forecasted light precip overnight looks to clear out tomorrow and we begin a stretch with essentially no precip forecast through most of the next week then chances increase slightly going into next weekend. By the middle of next week a cooler trend looks to be replaced by temps in the mid to high 80s and RHs look consistently on the dry side day to day.

The CPC 6 – 10 days outlook switches back to strong signals for hot and dry from a pattern of mixed signals over the last few days. The 8 – 14 retains strong signals for heat and lightens but continues signals for below average to average precip.

Drought monitor data this week shows gains in the Extreme Drought at 22% and Severe Drought at 75% coverage of the state.

DNR announces drought warning

MNICS Team B is assigned to the Superior West Zone Complex.

MNICS Team C Edgar is available until August 3.

Additional Resources

Two CCM crews are assigned to the Superior.
Two CCM crews are available and On Call.

The NW Region MR Shop is on call
The NE Region MR Shop is on call


Bemidji and Warroad DNR areas will fly detection today. 

Aviation Duty Day ~ 1000-1900

Aircraft Status Report

Order aircraft through MNCC aviation desk at 218-327-4582

Statewide Wildfire Statistics

New (reported in the last 24 hours)
Fires Acres Burned Injuries Fatalities Residences Damaged Residences Destroyed Outbuildings Damaged Outbuildings Destroyed
0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Calendar Year-to-date
Fires Acres Burned Injuries Fatalities Residences Damaged Residences Destroyed Outbuildings Damaged Outbuildings Destroyed
1046 8905.06 2 0 0 10 0 41