Fishing Piers and Shore Fishing Sites

Performance Area: Outdoor Recreation

Number of fishing piers and shore fishing sites developed, replaced and maintained

Why Is This Important?

Fishing piers and shore fishing ficilities expand angling opportunities for all people, especially persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and those without a boat. Fishing is one of the top activities enjoyed by Minnesotans, yet many water bodies lack pier and shore-fishing facilities for the public. These facilities provide a safe and convenient place to fish, instead of from bridges, steep/rocky embankments or fragile shore land areas. Fishing piers and shore-fishing sites are great locations for introducing angling to new participants. Fishing is a life-long activity that connects people with the outdoors. This connection encourages environmental stewardship and support of Minnesota’s natural resource programs.

What Is DNR Doing?

The DNR is balancing the need for replacement piers and upgrades to existing facilities with the demand for new piers. There are over 365 fishing pier and shore fishing sites in Minnesota, and many are more than 20 years old. This creates a continual need for replacement and rehabilitation of fishing piers. There is also a demand for additional fishing pier and shore fishing sites. Partnerships with local government units allow the limited funds to accomplish more. Typically the DNR provides some of the funding for the facility and technical expertise for site location and fishing potential. The local unit of government provides funding for the facility, the land, and a commitment to ongoing maintenance. Community organizations help in a variety of ways, including monetary and in-kind donations. 

Target: A focus on replacing and rehabilitating existing fishing piers to keep the current system in place.

New fishing piers are added in strategic locations in partnership with local government units to add opportunities.