DNR Forest Management Plans

Performance Area: Natural Lands

Percent of DNR forest lands managed under a Section Forest Resource Management Plan (SFRMP) that is less than 10 years old

Why Is This Important?

The DNR manages approximately five million acres of land in the forested region of the state. That's about one-quarter of all forest land in the state. The DNR’s Section Forest Resource Management Plans (SFRMPs) describe the mix of values and products (e.g., wildlife habitat, rare features, timber) that will be sustained through vegetation management on DNR-administered forest lands. The plans outline both long-term (50¬ plus years) and short-term (10-year)management strategies.

What Is DNR Doing?

Section Forest Resource Plans with estimated revision start dates noted. Forest planning by ecological section identifies comprehensive, landscape-level strategies for sustaining forest resources.   Image 1 of 1 (use left/right arrows to navigate previous/next)

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Local interdisciplinary DNR team sidentify issues, assess forest resources, and provide tactical landscape and sub-landscape level instructions for the next ten years. The public is invited to review and comment during the planning process.

DNR began preparing SFRMPs in 2000 and completed plans for all DNR forestlands (in 17 forested subsections) in 2012.

The DNR completed an analysis of the sustainable harvest level for state managed forestlands in March of 2018 and has set a timber harvest volume target of 870,000 cords annually for the next 10 years. Work on the Northern Superior Uplands Section plan and Northern Minnesota and Ontario Peatlands Section plan is has resumed with an expected completion in early 2020.

Target: Complete all SFRMP revisions by 2023.

Currently 12% of DNR administered managed lands are under a current plan narrative. 100% is current under STH spatial planning.