Technology and Social Media

Performance Area: Outdoor Recreation

Number of state park and trail customers and potential customers reached through online and social media efforts

Why Is This Important?

The importance of technology in outreach efforts is increasing. Using online platforms and social media, we can learn more about who our audience is, reach new potential customers, and track the success of our campaigns. Through these efforts and measures, we are able to better connect with, understand, and inspire current and potential customers to enjoy Minnesota's state parks and trails.

What Is DNR Doing?

The DNR's Parks and Trails Division is expanding its online and social media efforts in order to increase the number of customers and potential customers we reach. For example, the division hired Conservation Corps Minnesota members to assist with social media outreach efforts and Google Analytics tracking. With this assistance, social media outreach efforts can continue to be focused and measured in order to increase fan base, reach and referrals. The division also continued to expand its Facebook presence in 2017-2018, encouraging fans to interact with the division through Facebook. Fans continue to share their own photos on the division's Facebook page, and frequently share parks and trails tips and "hacks."

Examples of additional online initiatives that the division pursued in recent years include:

•A user and mobile friendly parks and trails website launched in early 2018. The parks and trails website is where most parks and trails customers go to find information to make trip planning decisions.

•A new parks and trails online events calendar launched in May 2016. It helps customers take events into consideration when choosing a park to visit.

•An interactive web tool, ParkFinder, launched in 2014. It helps customers find specific outdoor opportunities in state parks, such as beaches, camper cabins, and nature programs.

Target: 2% annual increase in visits to the parks and trails website; continue to grow Facebook likes and referrals.