Equipment rentals at state parks

Performance Area: Outdoor Recreation

Annual equipment rentals at state parks

Why Is This Important?

Minnesota state parks and trails provide a wide variety of recreation opportunities, but not all customers can afford or have the equipment needed to participate in activities such as snowshoeing and water recreation. By renting equipment at reasonable rates, customers are able to enjoy the outdoors in new ways. These experiences can also inspire people to adopt a new healthy hobby that they will enjoy for a lifetime.

What Is DNR Doing?

Minnesota state parks and trails have been offering rental equipment to visitors for many years. Safety equipment and paddles are always included with rentals to ensure that customers are safe while they recreate. While the bulk of the program revolves around water recreation, the program also includes an ice fishing house at Lake Carlos and grill rentals at a handful of parks. Continued success requires continued investment to maintain rental equipment fleets and expand opportunities.

Target: Increase equipment rentals by 5% annually.

With limited funding for new and upgraded rental equipment, significant growth is challenging. A modest increase in rentals is possible by improving utilization of existing rental equipment.