Law Enforcement Education and Outreach

Performance Area: Outdoor Recreation

Number of outreach events attended by Conservation Officers

Why Is This Important?

Conservation Officers are considered "the face of the DNR" because of their frequent interactions with the public, and they are known throughout the communities that they serve. These one-on-one interactions and community relationships facilitate a positive image, encourage outdoor recreation experiences, and promote voluntary compliance with Minnesota's laws.

What Is DNR Doing?

The Enforcement Division enhances outdoor recreation experiences by providing high-quality safety education and outdoor ethics programs, building partnerships with communities, and creating positive public interactions. Conservation officers accomplish this by participating in community gatherings and collaborating with a variety of media outlets. The Division also actively pursues opportunities to present our work to community groups (e.g., outdoors groups, schools and conservation organizations). During 2018, the Division improved the efficiency of its media relations, reduced the need for officers to be pulled away from the field, and better streamlined its message by producing and packaging soundbites and statements to be shared with the media.

Target: Maintain or increase Conservation Officer attendance at outreach events and participation in media interviews.