Natural Lands

Ariel view of a forest in Fall

Performance and Accountability

DNR Administered Lands


Number of acres protected in wildlife management areas (WMAs) since 2000


Number of sites protected in Scientific and Natural Areas (SNAs)


Number of acres acquired annually within statutory state park and recreation area boundaries


Acres of remnant and restored prairie in state parks and along state trails


Percent of DNR land management units with at least 10 mapped terrestrial invasive species occurrences


Meeting Fiduciary Responsibilities for School Trust Lands


Income from state mineral leases

Grassland Conservation


Acres of land in the federal Conservation Reserve Program


Acres of grasslands and wetlands protected permanently


Number of prairie stewardship plans and management projects

Conservation Partnerships and Community Assistance


Acres of conservation easements held by the DNR and regularly monitored


Number of counties completed by the Minnesota Biological Survey


Acres of mineland reclaimed


Number of communities receiving funding support for acquisition, development, and/or redevelopment of local parks and trails

State Forest Land Management


Acres of state-administered lands approved for forest certification


Acres of protected old-growth forest on DNR lands


Cords of wood offered for sale on DNR lands


Amount of DNR forest lands in older age classes


Young, early successional forest maintained on DNR lands


Percent of DNR forest lands managed under a Section Forest Resource Management Plan (SFRMP) that is less than 10 years old


Acres of DNR forest lands re-inventoried


Acres of state-administered forest lands mapped to native plant community

Fire Management


Number and acres of wildfires suppressed by the DNR

Private Forest Stewardship


Acres of permanent forest conservation easements


Acres covered by current woodland stewardship plans reported to the DNR