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County Boat & Water Safety Grants

These grants are allocated by the biennial budget specifically to counties. Counties are charged by statute to perform various functions under the program. Funding is derived from the Water Recreation Account. Activities funded through these grants include boating law enforcement; aids to navigation; search and rescue; buoying; removal of hazards to navigation; boat and water safety outreach; inspection of watercraft for rent, lease or hire; watercraft and water accident investigation; and search, rescue or recovery of accident victims.

Program Objectives

Preventing or reducing boating accidents & drownings and making Minnesota's waters safe & enjoyable.

Status: In Progress

Start Date: 01/01/1960

Active Projects: (73) Active Projects

Completed Projects: (501) Completed Projects

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Cross Lake - Brainerd, MNPhoto Credit: Explore MN Tourism


Indicator: Number of county hours on boat and water safety

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