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Metro Greenways

DNR’s Metro Greenways Program has helped address the issues of natural habitat fragmentation, degradation, and loss in the urban/urbanizing metropolitan region since its inception in 1998. Since 2003, Metro Greenways has been part of a larger conservation partnership called Metro Conservation Corridors. This partnership between state government and conservation nonprofits has worked together to create a regional green infrastructure.

Program Objectives

DNR's Metro Greenprint published in 1997 identified six goals for the Program. Three of these goals were focused on in the 12 county greater metropolitan region: 1) protecting high quality terrestrial and wetland habitats; 2) restoring parcels that functioned to protect or reconnect ecologically important natural habitats; and 3) supporting efforts by local governments to identify and conserve locally and regionally significant natural habitats.

Status: Completed

Start Date: 07/01/1998

Active Projects: (1) Active Projects

Completed Projects: (22) Completed Projects

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Indicator: Number of acres or riparian miles restored

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