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Pilot projects to control Eurasian watermilfoil or curly-leaf pondweed on a lake-wide (or bay-wide) basis

This grant program partially funds a limited number of well-planned and well-monitored lake-wide (or bay-wide) projects to control curly-leaf pondweed and/or milfoil to go forward in order to learn from them and to potentially achieve some ecological benefits from them. Lake-wide (or bay-wide) treatments are those that attempt to treat all, or almost, all of the target plant in a lake or bay.

Program Objectives

The goals of these projects are to reduce curly-leaf pondweed or Eurasian watermilfoil lake-wide in the year of treatment, to provide long-term reduction in curly-leaf pondweed or Eurasian watermilfoil in the lake, and to provide ecological benefits to the treated lake. Ecological benefits should include increases in the frequency or abundance of native submersed plants and, in the case of curly-leaf pondweed, may include reductions in levels of phosphorus and algae, which should increase water clarity. DNR staff time or funding will be used for aquatic plant surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments.

Status: Completed

Start Date: 03/01/2006

Active Projects: (0) Active Projects

Completed Projects: (74) Completed Projects

Lower mission lake pilot project. Lower Mission Lake treatment 2007.mixing.jpg


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