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Linking Habitat Restoration to Bioenergy

Linking Habitat Restoration to Bioenergy (a.k.a. “Woody Biomass Harvest for Habitat Restoration”) is an innovative project that unites two separate but linked aspects of environmental health: habitat restoration and bioenergy. In 2007, the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Ecological and Water Resources (DNR) received one-time funding of $500,000 from the MN legislature as part of the 2007 environment, natural resources, energy, and commerce finance bill. The legislative funding is helping to facilitate habitat restoration involving the removal of ecologically inappropriate woody vegetation that might not have otherwise occurred while making the woody material generated as a by-product of restoration available to facilities that convert this material to energy. Funding is provided to public or private landowners for the cutting, moving and staging of woody biomass material for collection and transport to District Energy St. Paul.

Program Objectives

Goal: Restore valuable habitats while providing a local source of energy. Objectives: • Restore critical habitats and high quality native plant communities and enhance biodiversity. • Utilize woody biomass material for bioenergy.

Status: Completed

Start Date: 12/12/2007

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Indicator: Acres treated for habitat restoration by removing ecologically inappropriate woody vegetation

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