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Parks and Trails Legacy Grant Program - GMRPTC managed

To provide grants to local units of government to support parks and trails of regional or statewide significance outside of the seven county metropolitan area. Funding for this grant program is from the Parks and Trails Fund created by the Minnesota Legislature from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment passed by the voters in 2008. Beginning July 1, 2015 (fiscal year 2016), the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission (GMRPTC) assumed management of reviewing and awarding these grants. That is, they became 'pass-through' grants with DNR staff providing administrative support to GMRPTC only.

Program Objectives

This project focuses on increasing participation in outdoor recreation by: -Providing a welcoming environment including designing, developing and updating facilities to support a wide variety of outdoor experiences and activities and facilities that can be readily adapted to new and emerging activities that meet the changing needs and wants of Minnesotans. -Creating programs and special events to attract first-time visitors to Minnesota state parks, trails and other Minnesota DNR-managed areas and providing a quality experience so that these new visitors will return —and introduce others to outdoor recreation. -Planning and executing connection plans that inform, persuade and remind Minnesota residents and tourists to visit Minnesota state parks, trails and other outdoor recreation areas managed by the Minnesota DNR. These strategies engage and motivate the target audience to become involved in outdoor recreation. -Ensuring easy access to parks and trails and amenities that Minnesotans of all abilities can use and afford. About the Issue In Minnesota and across the nation, outdoor recreation participation has been declining on a per capita (i.e., per unit of population or per person) basis. A primary reason for this decline is that adults under the age of 45 and families with children are not participating at the same levels as in the past. As the population ages, becomes more urban and more diverse, demands for recreational opportunities will continue to change as well.

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Start Date: 07/01/2015

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