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Stoney Brook Brushland


The Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa's Forest Management program is applying for Conservation Legacy Program (CPL) to complete 201 acres of brushing on county owned lands. This is part of a larger landscape level Brushland Management Project that Fond du Lac Forest Management implemented in 2009. Fond du Lac's goal is to maintain open landscapes on 1200 acres of brushland in the Stoney Brook watershed.Fond du Lac Forest Management Program has already implemented brushland work on Fond du Lac Lands. 378 acres have been brushed where necessary and prescribed burned. Much of the 378 acres has had multiple burns. These units were all on Fond du Lac owned parcels. The goal of this project is to create and maintain the vegetation as 60% herbaceous and 30% young woody. This is a landscape level treatment impacting 816 acres on the two treatment units. The attached map depicts the total area treated. The treatment prescription is to mow or shear brush where the brush cover (alder and willow) is greater than 60%. The brushing will allow the percent cover herbaceous component to increase meeting the 60% goal. Prescribed burning will be implemented on the project area in approximately 5 year intervals. The prescribed burning will maintain the vegetative goals by resetting the successional path to brush back to the herbaceous cover.

Program Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program

Status Completed

Dates 08/27/2013 - 06/30/2016

Project Manager Greg Bernu

Grant Recipient Carlton County Land Department

Grant Recipient Type Local/Regional Government Unit

Primary Funding Source(s) Outdoor Heritage Fund

Grant Amount $32,019

Expended $17,030

Statutory Reference M.L. 2016, Chp. 172, Art. 1, Sec. 2, Subd. 5(K)

Management Unit(s) County

Habitat(s) FGW

Activity Type(s) Restoration/Enhancement

Primary County St. Louis


Latest Indicator Number of acres enhanced

Target 201 Acres

Measurement 98 Acres

Target Summary planned acres

Measurement Summary completed acres